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beginner lessons!

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here are some tips i’ve amassed over my painful teenage years of trying to figure out what to wear:

lesson 1: acquire things that are unqiue, one of a kind and make it a point to work it into your wardrobe

– silk multi neon pink and green coloured scarf – vintage emillio pucci

– vintage necklace with optical lens charm

the scarf was an impulse buy, the colours were insanely bright but the scarf was not large enough (or tough enough since it’s silk) for beachwear and i really didnt want to waste it on accessorizing a bag. pack these lightweight accessories when you travel and you have something that keeps you warm when the weather turns chilly, plus it does wonders for a boring black tee.

vintage emillio pucci (same as above)

double wrap black leather belt with studs – brave belts

white camisole – cotton on (like 10 bucks)

green military cargo skirt – zara discount (20 bucks i kid you not)

better yet, use the scarf as a cover up! belts do wonders for your outfit too. which brings me to lesson 2: shopping during SALES

one of the best things about not being a size 6 or even 8 (sometimes depending on cutting of clothes) is that you will almost definitely fit into the sizes at a sale. most singaporean girls are puny and those who are not quite your average size 6 prefer tight clothes anyway so you will find that a typical zara or mango or forever 21 or river island or dorothy perkins or miss selfridge (have i named all the high street labels yet?!?!?!/1) sale will have already sold out on all the size 6s or size 8s. this means you will have plenty of 10s and 12s at your disposal, more often than not they like half off. so trust me, stock up on your casual bottoms (skirts, jeans capris etc) during the sales. you will NOT regret.

if you look closely at the picture it’s a size 14 skirt i am wearing, it’s way too big and falls off when i dont have a belt, but put on the belt, adjust and fold spare waistband neatly in the front so it’s hidden by the belt buckle, and there you have it, not too tight that a mouthful of water will display your love handles to full glory, not too loose to look like it didnt fit!

lesson 3: never be afraid to cover up

lesson 4: when you see a piece of clothing with good design, BUY IT, figure out how to wear it later (as long as you can wear it)

white reversable jersey shawl with buttons – unknown brand from tangs sale bin (SGD15)

navy blue cotton dress with white print – unknown designer from small shop at basement of oub centre (35 bucks!)

mechanical watch with brown straps – panerai

neon green pouch with crazy indian embroidered – womenkind for aids  

this a typical straight from work for a movie look, i’ve traded the heels for the slippers, the work jacket for an interesting drape shawl. the jersey shawl is soft, looks expensive and has buttons on both ends so you can wear it in a variety of ways, as a sleeved cardigan, or just buttoned down the front to look like a shawl.

so when you see a good design piece just snap it up, usually price is a determining factor, if it’s cheap but looks expensive, why not! sometimes clothes doesnt have to match, or reveal your figure to look good. i always buy clothes which give me some room because sometimes, you want your clothes to flow, instead of sticking to your skin (usually the case with a good fit) and emphasizing all the things you so want to hide.

Written by MLK

January 26, 2010 at 6:36 am

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