fashion can be bought, style one must possess

feather my hairband!

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feather hairband РKRW15,000 from DOOTA

the bigger picture would be – trends, to follow or not?

when it comes to this, remember the golden rules:

1. Only wear what makes you comfortable

2. Only wear what makes you look slim

3. Only wear a look you can rock

that’s the basic rules when it comes to building your own style.

so now, apply the basic rules to trends and there you have it

are you comfortable with a feather hairband?

does it make you look slim? (not very applicable since a feather hair band is a feather hairband)

can you rock the look (honesty is really the best policy, which is also why those with inflated egos never seem to have style and try too hard)

in my case, i own several feather hairbands. who cares whether it is cliche or the current trend? wear it if you like it! because we all know going against the trend is a trend itself! (:

Written by MLK

January 26, 2010 at 11:19 am

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