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wardrobe must-haves : cardigans

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you know how asians associated fairness with beauty? personally i dont agree. however, we all know the sun ages skin, especially asian skin prematurely. with the weather in singapore being what it is, you really need protection. and if you’re as lazy as i am when it comes to applying and reapplying sunblock, cardis are a god sent!

another thing about cardis, it goes with everything! you need a basic black and basic white, preferably with buttons down the front so you can wear it on its own when you run out of blouses! best of all, get them in fine cotton so they’re lightweight, great for stuffing into a handbag when not needed, or left on when it’s not too hot. i wear cardigans to the hawker centre too (let’s just say i do NOT like my upper arms, could have been slimmer) so light wait cotton, i really like. best of all, they dress up a boring black singlet and black pants outfit, without making it too corporate. here’s just a few favourites right now while surfing through ASOS clearance sale!

white cowl neck cardi – 10 pounds

wookies, probably not too cheap at about 25dollars. but think about all the wear you can get out of it. wear it with black slim cigarette pants and an oversize slouchy clutch and you have an outfit fit enough to take you from work to night. wear it with a long maxi dress underneath and you can get away with either dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a slouchy weekend shopping outfit.

gray bat wing button down cardigan

this is just one way you can wear this. try it buttoned all the way with pants and it is a great dress down friday outfit. on a rainy day use it as a cover up over camisole and shorts and sneakers with bright socks and it’s all cute. for a midnight movie on a first date pair with ankle length leggings and stappy sandals. on a beach holiday use it as a beach cover up under strippy candy colour bikinis and a widebrim straw hat and shades.

purple short sleeved sheer button top

it’s listed as a top on asos and i say you can wear it so many more ways. one way is over a bright coloured camisole as a cardigan. another is over a long sleeved black pullover. cottonon sells basics at rock bottom prices and throw them all together for the layered look. for work, take a black structured sheath dress (every girl has one of those in her corporate wardrobe i swear, which they wear with a long gold necklace = SO BORING) wear it underneath and then add a statement piece necklace and you have an outfit fit for work.

so you see, there’s so many ways you can wear a cardigan so many uses for them. will do a photopost on all my favourite cardigans next!

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January 28, 2010 at 8:59 am

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