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peplum peacock dress (whatever that means?) – ASOS 10 pounds clearance!!!

my take on the dress  and barely got away with it at work

peacock dress – ASOS 10 pounds

dark moss green cardi with mutton sleeves – myeungdong

metallic silver leather wrap with studs – thirtyfour leather goods

retro yellow and gray patent slingbacks – vivian cheo, local designer and owner of 2cm (multi-label store at fareast)

horseshoe bangle – house of harlow

i really didnt think the dress was suitable on its own for work, hence i unbuttoned my green top and wore it as a cardi instead! LOVE.

pink cotton and chiffon cardi – small unknown shop in lucky plaza sgd10!!!! so cheap i could faint

white lycra spags – mango sgd10 bucks sale muahahahah!

super high waisted dress skirt (which i sometimes wear as a dress) – forever 21 sale sgd25 bucks HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

snakeskin blk white patterns heels – beyonce at the ‘best korea dress’ shop in fareeast massive sale sgd30 bucks HAHAHAHA so comfy.

I am confess i get a kick out of getting clothes as cheap as can be, and getting the best deal i could find then putting them together for a look that is my own. what do you think?

drape dress avena – shop at fareast massive sale, sgd25

black and white  handsewn statement necklace – fiona paxton

cutout pvc leather sandals – unknown shop in hk causewaybay like sgd12!!!! CHEAPS!

wookies, the fiona paxton didnt come cheap but i am so in love with it i could help myself. somehow i dont mind spending more on accessories. i figure, you can get more wear out of accessories than you could clothes. wear the same stuff too often, people are going to think you dont bathe. but wearing the same accessories is not going to get you into trouble. afterall, i never remove my diamond earrings (iwear3), necklace (bday gift from bf), rings (bday, valentine’s, christmas prezzies from the bf) and no one EVER comments on them. the fact that they are diamonds, little ones plays a part i suppose, but accessories are accessories: no complaints there.

Written by MLK

January 29, 2010 at 7:06 am

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