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CNY & Back to Basics

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– pink flower dress with bustier ribbing – SGD15 fareast b1 shop moving out sale

black cardigan with lace at the back – topshop in KL pavilion, sale like sgd 25  

gold necklace with swarovski studded teapot – disney couture kidada jones collection

cherrystainlips and her sisters have a united love for flowery dresses in antique aunty prints and black cardigans. this is one tip you should learn on wearing prints:

when you’re young and cannot be construed to look older than 30, you should by all means wear clothes with prints or designs that are old-fashioned or stuffy. the contrast between the oldfashioned print or cuts of the clothing or accessories is a great juxtaposition to your age. why do you think vintage was or is all the rage. however not everyone does vintage or finds vintage (in good condition) as easily as sienna miller or kate moss, so an oldfashioned cut or print will do.

this is also a perfect example of how not to fall prey to the Chinese New Year disaster dressing : i.e, the overly red, the overly flowery, the overly new or ‘outfit’ ish clothes where everything seems too contrived, too put together and most times, put together in bad taste. you want to do something cheerful and spring, then anchor it with somethign sombre. and whoever said you’ve got to have new clothes for the new year? it doesnt make economic sense, and by now you should know CSL is all about being ecomonical. and this translates to uneccessary additions to your wardrobe!

this might be mean, but you can see what NOT to do on CNY. or any other day of the year:

no. of things wrong with this outfit:

– her black colour bra shows through her white top. it would have been sexy if not for the fact that the top was really thin and her bra looked really old.

– her skirt was SO SHORT, which would have been AGAIN, really sexy if not for her underwear, which i caught several glimpses of (and i WAS NOT trying hard) was a dirty cream or yellow…i would have preferred a g string, or something pure crisp white!

– it’s a micro mini BUBBLE SKIRT, in CHEAPlooking black cotton

however, personal tastes aside, this is one look you DONT want to do, no matter how fabulous a figure you have. firstly, girls, you are NOT a whore. you DONT want to look cheap and if you want to do full blown sex god. at least CHOSE THE RIGHT KIND OF UNDERWEAR TO REVEAL. i mean if you wanna ‘slutify’ a look, dont start and stop short, go the extra mile to make sure your underwear (bra and panties) drip sex appeal. remember the ‘inner wear as outer wear’ trend? if you wanna work that look, SPEND SOME MONEY ON LINGERIE.

then again, call me conservative if you will, but revealing your bra, ‘innocent slips’ or flirty peeks of your frilled cups oonce in a while can be quite alluring, but i draw the line at skirts so short your underwear shows. to me, if you wanna wear a skirt, make sure it serves a purpose, if not, just wear your underwear out!

and a first look at the cherrystainlips man:









– red tshirt & red sneakers both from DC

 a good way of doing red for valentine’s day and chinese new year..i will be blogging more on clothes for men as well..


What to Wear When You’re Feeling Cheap!











– white singlet top SGD 10, gray button down sweater top SGD15, black & white natural snake print skirt SGD15 – all cotton on!

ps: cotton on should so make me their spokesperson. i feature cottonon and buy cottonon in bulk it’s not even funny.

– wrap around espadrille sandals – thetuicollection by tui sang

i love the navy sandals, you can find plenty of these in BALI, but honestly, tui’s espadrilles are handmade, lined with soft skins and they are absolutely super duper comfy. i LOVE. plus whoever said such sandals are not suitable for people with fat legs be proven wrong!!!!!!!!!!










leather ring with honey amber stone ringed with freshwater pearls

– silver mesh ring (below leather) – tiffany’s

as you know i never remove my base rings of 3 on one hand (left) and 1 on the right (the tiff’s). i have found that keeping your band hold helps hold up chunky rings and keeps them from sliding too much..otherwise it also satisfies another of my fave accessorising style – stacking. pile things that are slim or plain alone and you will find comfort and style in numbers.

so the lessons you take home with you today:

1. if you want to rock a look, do it all the way, it’s all about attention to details

2. when dressing for CNY, dont be too stressed, go with the flow

3. when wearing basics, rock your look by accessorising, and sometimes a statement piece doesnt have be an expensive dress or necklace or ring or shoes, all you need is a conversation piece

in any case, if you have any doubts, just drop me a comment or text (: and will be be here to your rescue.


and accessories help cover up

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miumiu white acetate sunglasses

gunmetal pewter ribon hairband – gift from gf

weird person wearing gucci shades at the side – the bf

 i am really sick, it’s at least 35degrees outside, sunny but i’m cold and i am so not in the mood to go buy chinese new year stuff. i have no make up on and i think a pimple is developing somewhere. but i’d like to think you could feel damn bad and still look good. 











white cardi – GG5 massive sale 2 years ago, evita (a CSL bestie) bought it, never wore it and gave it to me some time last year

silk screen patterned silk long blouse – charlotte ronson CHEAPS again when eclecticsim was so loved @ mandarin

black leggings – cottonon!!! CHEAPS

black and green slippers – prada

silver choker (worn as wrap around bracelet) – liquid metal from where else? QUINTESSENTIAL. run there now and if you want a discount email/comment me discreetly.

multi silver/gold wire bangles – alex & ani

watch – panerai (bf’s and now mine!)

i am extremely grumpy, cherrystainlips does not appreciate being sick and feeling out of sorts….well i am quite the grumps you dont think? if on a grumpy day i could find my style, then i think anyone out there could too!

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February 11, 2010 at 3:13 am

of accessories

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at the insistence of my sisters, who have been nagging me about accessories and how to wear them etc, i am now beginning a whole series of posts on my accessories…

big black bow headband – Quintessential SGD49

orange H leather cuff – hermes dont ask me about the price ):




my inspiration with accessories come from quin. i only have one rule when it comes to accessories: buy everything and wear everything. it’s often difficult to find an ugly piece of jewelry or accessory, most of the time it’s the way you wear it, not what you wear that counts….

so at Q, i usually stumble in on sundays looking my worst and would attempt to rectify the situation by accessorising. just to show you how ALL accessories can be rocked, check out below:










remember my pvc leather cutout black heels from hongkong (ps i have them in brown too) look at the bows at my ankles! this is a new accessory category introduced by Quintessential to the rest of us, dekkori shoe straps!

 nobody thought you could pull it off, and i dare bet you half the world out there would be wondering, HOW DO WE WEAR DEKKORI? is it suitable to be worn in singapore? would i even wear it? and I’m telling you OF COURSE!!!!










I am wearing the one on the top left hand corner of the dekkori collage. instead of wearing them on your feet, you could also wear them as cuffs as the ankle clasp ones usually come in extendable rubber straps so you could tighten them on a slim wrist.

best thing about it, i’ve proven how you dont need to have SLIM LEGS TO ROCK THIS ACCESSORY. (:

a customer actually spotted my dekkori-ed shoes from outside the shop and asked to know how much they were, but ALAS, shoes and shoe straps sold separately….

last but not least, HEAD DOWN TO QUINTESSENTIAL to get your dekkori fix. if you want a 10% off, you can email or comment and i’ll tell you how (:




rachel leigh enamel ribbon bangle in white – rachel leigh

24k gold plated leather wrapped bow crystal bangle – vita

jade- my own



i wear my jade EVERYDAY and i never take it off, so in the next few posts you’d see it featured alot. haha. i wear my jade with everything.

wrist candy is my favourite theme. being extremely lazy i find putting on earrings a HUGE chore since i always wear the diamond ones the bf gave me, so i pretty much do NOT wear all the earrings i buy. hence i am now spending more money on bangles and wrist candy. it is so easy to just stack them on. just make sure that:

– they dont clang and make too much noise

– they dont weigh too much or weigh your arm down

if you follow these 2 rules you’re more of less alright. remember also tho, if you wear bangles, go easy on necklaces. you may do earrings with wrist candy and rings too.

speaking about rings, i am a collector, i LOVE rings and i will show you my collection in the next post!


white feather hairband – super cheaps like sgd 10 from seoul

white marni cotton linen blend – fareast cheaps!

ck black pants – ck at paragon massive sale 30% off (still SGD300 +) but by far the most well cut pantsi’ve ever worn.




if you want to get the lowdown on where to get all my accessories, read on for more tips which will be revealed along the way (:

WEDGES: aye or nay?

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reiss wedges – 149 pounds

reiss wedges – 149 pounds

no OF COURSE I DIDNT BUY this. you should know by now how adverse i am to paying too much for something that’s really beyond what i could afford.

so back to wedges, do you buy it or not? there are basically 2 schools of thoughts on this issue. the optimist and the pessimist. most asian people (and i have surveyed many asian girls and guys on this) are pessimists who have arrived at the conclusion that WEDGES are always OUT. some complaints i have heard and which are usually based on how they spotted some girl wearing wedges are

–         it looks so ‘aunty’ on them

–         their legs look fat and chunky in wedges

–         it doesn’t go with what they are wearing

the optimists on the other hand, just believe that if you have a pair of skinny, or shapely, or killer pins, then you could rock all the shoes in the world. Put Angelina jolie in wedges! like she would look bad in anything….

Now at cherrystainlips, you remember how style is about looking good and having a sense of adventure? while I don’t exactly agree with the pessimists, neither do I agree with the optimists – why do I even have to agree? I just need to decide whether or not I like wedges, and whether how do I find a way to work it into my wardrobe without looking really bad, or having my legs look too fat, or looking too aunty, or too casual, or finding that my clothes don’t match.

So here are my tips, compiled for your judging pleasure:

–         find a pair that suits you, which are comfortable to walk in

–         the appropriate length and design of clothes you should wear it with

–         the design of the wedges

this is my conclusion:

white low back drape cowl tee – mango sale!!! SGD 10 BUCKS

stretchy band skirt – GG5 SALE!!!sgd 24!!!!!

necklace – HOH you know where to get it!

WEDGES strappy and with studs – fareast massive sale!! SGD10!


– make sure your skirt is above the knees

– make sure you buy a style that fits you ie, with good design!

– the straps cut you at the right spot so you eliminate CANKLES!

and if you do your fash research, those with cankles, or almost cankles, wedges might just be your saviour!

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February 5, 2010 at 11:34 am


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Besides just blogging about the stuff i wear and put together, you can find one of a kind accessories and soon to be clothing, tried and tested now at SHOP CHERRY by cherry love (: Just click on the link on the right to find accessories at cherrylove!

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February 4, 2010 at 9:23 am

bright colours & prints on prints

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coral jersey bubble dress – rachel pally from eclecticism (bought this long long ago like 4 years back when they were in mandarin and you actually felt homely and loved shopping there. )

bird feather necklace – House of Harlow 1960 you know where to get it in singapore, if not, reach me and i’ll tell (:

how to do bright colours without feeling like a bird of paradise on full display? a few suggestions

– bright enough to perk your skin up, but not to wash you out

– simple cuts and in solid colours. bright colours with patterns are something reserved for those in another league

– dial it down with neutral accessories like bags or scarves, or throw on a cardigan (by now you know my favourite item ever – cardiiiss)

checkered men’s button up sweater – unknown shop in fareast plaza having moving out sale like SGD10!!!!!!!!

houndstooth shawl worn as scarf – SGD12 @ uniqlo

prints on prints? patterns on patterns? some styling tips to work that houndstooth (or whatever) into your daily outfit

– use a darker and less striking pattern as the base, i.e. darker pattern on sweater v.s. striking houndstooth on white

– try to mix and match, i.e. polka dots with small stripes, or checks with pinstripes etc…

– if it clashes, then it’s out. but if it clashes in a good way, go for it!

again, go with the mantra, be adventurous and try so you’d figure out what looks good for you and on you, then build on that, after a while you’d find you get better and better at finding/building your individual style.

animal prints and how to do winter in singapore

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leopard print tunic – sgd10 @ dresscode, The Cathay at Handy Road

feather hairband – Quintessential (i get a good discount here) be sure to tell them where you found out about their stuff (:

i have been thinking about animal prints a long time now. based on countless observations and after alot of fashresearch, i have come to the conclusion that unless you’re ultra thin and have the right kind of figure/face, you can very easily end up looking trashy and every inch the whore-wannabe.

so i have come the conclusion that you probably need to find the right piece of clothing and design with the print.

when i found this leopard print silk blouse (and yes, it was a blouse!) it was hanging desolutely on a rack at the relatively undiscovered gem of a shop dresscode (cathay at the handy road). the shop stocks cool capsule collections not available in singapore, like kylie minouge for h&m, comme des garcons for h&m etc. the last i was there, comme for h&m collection was going for half off or more. sporeans not very adventurous it seems.

anyways, before i digress further, the leopard tunic blouse was a size 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so long i immediately saw an experimental potential, plus at 10 bucks, it’s so dirt cheap you might as well buy it and then figure out how to wear it!which was what i did. bought it without trying. only to find out that the neckline was so large it fell right off my shoulders when i put it on. it wouldnt even stay up! whilst complaining to the bf about this, i spotted the long black ribbons in the front which kept coming undone and felt a sudden urge to hack it of. which i did. snip and i have 2 black ribbons which i then sewed onto each side of the neckline at the back. tie them together into a bow and i solved the problem of the extra large neckline. it took a mere 3 minutes to figure out and a mere 2 minutes to snip and sew.

so lesson of the day: dont just GRIPE about how you cant wear something you bought. dont bother giving it away or returning it (unless there’s really NOTHING you can do about it)…i believe with a bit of perserverance and some imagination, and of course some sense of adventure, you could take something rejected and turn it into a great outfit.

with that, i satisfied my desire for something in animal print, cheap, and most importantly, DID NOT make me look like a whore, or slut, or trying too hard. like i said, wearing loose clothes doesnt neccessarily mean sloppy or illfitting; it can at times allow you to work the boundaries when it comes to animal print.

gray long cardigan dress (can be worn either way) – sgd35 from seoul

opaque stockings – sgd15 for a pair at uniqlo

gray leather booties with perforated detail – sgd15 seoul

black handles limited edition nylon – longchamp about sgd 100 (dfs seoul)

when you’re living in sunny singapore, you tend to only dress with one general theme : summer or spring. i have been coveting winter looks for the longest time, and i keep coming up with ways to cover every inch of my body without sweltering and melting in our ridiculously warm climate. the answer to my prayers came in the form of breathable materials like lightweight organic cotton, really thin slips of satin and of course, uniqlo’s breathable stockings.

got the cardi from seoul in winter it was on a massive discount as it was spring wear. it is so thin it borders on sheer, but you can get away with wearing it alone without anything underneath but a simple short tube top. the stockings from uniqlo? godsent! the portion at the thighs tend to be stretched and hence quite indecent but i think you can rectify that with better opaque ones from topshop. abit more expensive but what the hell.

so tips on how to dress winter when it’s all year summer:

– choose super thin but not sheer fabrics

– incorporate stockings (not TIGHTS)

– find a pair of breathable booties! powdering your feet helps if you tend to sweat alot there. lucky for me i dont have that problem.

and when it’s ‘summer’ in the fashion cycle, i will be insisting on wearing the winter theme; nothing and no one should dictate what and when to wear what i like.

my style philosophy in a nutshell – have fun, imagine, adventure and always do it your way as long as you look the best you could look (: