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animal prints and how to do winter in singapore

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leopard print tunic – sgd10 @ dresscode, The Cathay at Handy Road

feather hairband – Quintessential (i get a good discount here) be sure to tell them where you found out about their stuff (:

i have been thinking about animal prints a long time now. based on countless observations and after alot of fashresearch, i have come to the conclusion that unless you’re ultra thin and have the right kind of figure/face, you can very easily end up looking trashy and every inch the whore-wannabe.

so i have come the conclusion that you probably need to find the right piece of clothing and design with the print.

when i found this leopard print silk blouse (and yes, it was a blouse!) it was hanging desolutely on a rack at the relatively undiscovered gem of a shop dresscode (cathay at the handy road). the shop stocks cool capsule collections not available in singapore, like kylie minouge for h&m, comme des garcons for h&m etc. the last i was there, comme for h&m collection was going for half off or more. sporeans not very adventurous it seems.

anyways, before i digress further, the leopard tunic blouse was a size 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so long i immediately saw an experimental potential, plus at 10 bucks, it’s so dirt cheap you might as well buy it and then figure out how to wear it!which was what i did. bought it without trying. only to find out that the neckline was so large it fell right off my shoulders when i put it on. it wouldnt even stay up! whilst complaining to the bf about this, i spotted the long black ribbons in the front which kept coming undone and felt a sudden urge to hack it of. which i did. snip and i have 2 black ribbons which i then sewed onto each side of the neckline at the back. tie them together into a bow and i solved the problem of the extra large neckline. it took a mere 3 minutes to figure out and a mere 2 minutes to snip and sew.

so lesson of the day: dont just GRIPE about how you cant wear something you bought. dont bother giving it away or returning it (unless there’s really NOTHING you can do about it)…i believe with a bit of perserverance and some imagination, and of course some sense of adventure, you could take something rejected and turn it into a great outfit.

with that, i satisfied my desire for something in animal print, cheap, and most importantly, DID NOT make me look like a whore, or slut, or trying too hard. like i said, wearing loose clothes doesnt neccessarily mean sloppy or illfitting; it can at times allow you to work the boundaries when it comes to animal print.

gray long cardigan dress (can be worn either way) – sgd35 from seoul

opaque stockings – sgd15 for a pair at uniqlo

gray leather booties with perforated detail – sgd15 seoul

black handles limited edition nylon – longchamp about sgd 100 (dfs seoul)

when you’re living in sunny singapore, you tend to only dress with one general theme : summer or spring. i have been coveting winter looks for the longest time, and i keep coming up with ways to cover every inch of my body without sweltering and melting in our ridiculously warm climate. the answer to my prayers came in the form of breathable materials like lightweight organic cotton, really thin slips of satin and of course, uniqlo’s breathable stockings.

got the cardi from seoul in winter it was on a massive discount as it was spring wear. it is so thin it borders on sheer, but you can get away with wearing it alone without anything underneath but a simple short tube top. the stockings from uniqlo? godsent! the portion at the thighs tend to be stretched and hence quite indecent but i think you can rectify that with better opaque ones from topshop. abit more expensive but what the hell.

so tips on how to dress winter when it’s all year summer:

– choose super thin but not sheer fabrics

– incorporate stockings (not TIGHTS)

– find a pair of breathable booties! powdering your feet helps if you tend to sweat alot there. lucky for me i dont have that problem.

and when it’s ‘summer’ in the fashion cycle, i will be insisting on wearing the winter theme; nothing and no one should dictate what and when to wear what i like.

my style philosophy in a nutshell – have fun, imagine, adventure and always do it your way as long as you look the best you could look (:

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  1. minliiiiii! leopard preens! oh dear I can’t believe you succumbed to them.’s the kind of thing you and only you can pull off! haha I love this blog of yours, so frivolous and perfect for all those times when I’m dying in research HELL.


    February 5, 2010 at 8:28 am

    • sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg. are you gonna be back for CNY? when do i ever see you again? and this blog is pure mindless spurts of ‘style’ tips. if you notice, i couldnt even be bothered with spell check. missing you and loving you and please get back here. ps: call you on monday?!


      February 5, 2010 at 9:42 am

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