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WEDGES: aye or nay?

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reiss wedges – 149 pounds

reiss wedges – 149 pounds

no OF COURSE I DIDNT BUY this. you should know by now how adverse i am to paying too much for something that’s really beyond what i could afford.

so back to wedges, do you buy it or not? there are basically 2 schools of thoughts on this issue. the optimist and the pessimist. most asian people (and i have surveyed many asian girls and guys on this) are pessimists who have arrived at the conclusion that WEDGES are always OUT. some complaints i have heard and which are usually based on how they spotted some girl wearing wedges are

–         it looks so ‘aunty’ on them

–         their legs look fat and chunky in wedges

–         it doesn’t go with what they are wearing

the optimists on the other hand, just believe that if you have a pair of skinny, or shapely, or killer pins, then you could rock all the shoes in the world. Put Angelina jolie in wedges! like she would look bad in anything….

Now at cherrystainlips, you remember how style is about looking good and having a sense of adventure? while I don’t exactly agree with the pessimists, neither do I agree with the optimists – why do I even have to agree? I just need to decide whether or not I like wedges, and whether how do I find a way to work it into my wardrobe without looking really bad, or having my legs look too fat, or looking too aunty, or too casual, or finding that my clothes don’t match.

So here are my tips, compiled for your judging pleasure:

–         find a pair that suits you, which are comfortable to walk in

–         the appropriate length and design of clothes you should wear it with

–         the design of the wedges

this is my conclusion:

white low back drape cowl tee – mango sale!!! SGD 10 BUCKS

stretchy band skirt – GG5 SALE!!!sgd 24!!!!!

necklace – HOH you know where to get it!

WEDGES strappy and with studs – fareast massive sale!! SGD10!


– make sure your skirt is above the knees

– make sure you buy a style that fits you ie, with good design!

– the straps cut you at the right spot so you eliminate CANKLES!

and if you do your fash research, those with cankles, or almost cankles, wedges might just be your saviour!

Written by MLK

February 5, 2010 at 11:34 am

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