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at the insistence of my sisters, who have been nagging me about accessories and how to wear them etc, i am now beginning a whole series of posts on my accessories…

big black bow headband – Quintessential SGD49

orange H leather cuff – hermes dont ask me about the price ):




my inspiration with accessories come from quin. i only have one rule when it comes to accessories: buy everything and wear everything. it’s often difficult to find an ugly piece of jewelry or accessory, most of the time it’s the way you wear it, not what you wear that counts….

so at Q, i usually stumble in on sundays looking my worst and would attempt to rectify the situation by accessorising. just to show you how ALL accessories can be rocked, check out below:










remember my pvc leather cutout black heels from hongkong (ps i have them in brown too) look at the bows at my ankles! this is a new accessory category introduced by Quintessential to the rest of us, dekkori shoe straps!

 nobody thought you could pull it off, and i dare bet you half the world out there would be wondering, HOW DO WE WEAR DEKKORI? is it suitable to be worn in singapore? would i even wear it? and I’m telling you OF COURSE!!!!










I am wearing the one on the top left hand corner of the dekkori collage. instead of wearing them on your feet, you could also wear them as cuffs as the ankle clasp ones usually come in extendable rubber straps so you could tighten them on a slim wrist.

best thing about it, i’ve proven how you dont need to have SLIM LEGS TO ROCK THIS ACCESSORY. (:

a customer actually spotted my dekkori-ed shoes from outside the shop and asked to know how much they were, but ALAS, shoes and shoe straps sold separately….

last but not least, HEAD DOWN TO QUINTESSENTIAL to get your dekkori fix. if you want a 10% off, you can email or comment and i’ll tell you how (:




rachel leigh enamel ribbon bangle in white – rachel leigh

24k gold plated leather wrapped bow crystal bangle – vita

jade- my own



i wear my jade EVERYDAY and i never take it off, so in the next few posts you’d see it featured alot. haha. i wear my jade with everything.

wrist candy is my favourite theme. being extremely lazy i find putting on earrings a HUGE chore since i always wear the diamond ones the bf gave me, so i pretty much do NOT wear all the earrings i buy. hence i am now spending more money on bangles and wrist candy. it is so easy to just stack them on. just make sure that:

– they dont clang and make too much noise

– they dont weigh too much or weigh your arm down

if you follow these 2 rules you’re more of less alright. remember also tho, if you wear bangles, go easy on necklaces. you may do earrings with wrist candy and rings too.

speaking about rings, i am a collector, i LOVE rings and i will show you my collection in the next post!


white feather hairband – super cheaps like sgd 10 from seoul

white marni cotton linen blend – fareast cheaps!

ck black pants – ck at paragon massive sale 30% off (still SGD300 +) but by far the most well cut pantsi’ve ever worn.




if you want to get the lowdown on where to get all my accessories, read on for more tips which will be revealed along the way (:

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  1. Shoes or sandals with bows are very feminine and delicates. If has high heels are perfect.

    Leila Silva

    Leila Silva

    February 9, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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