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CNY & Back to Basics

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– pink flower dress with bustier ribbing – SGD15 fareast b1 shop moving out sale

black cardigan with lace at the back – topshop in KL pavilion, sale like sgd 25  

gold necklace with swarovski studded teapot – disney couture kidada jones collection

cherrystainlips and her sisters have a united love for flowery dresses in antique aunty prints and black cardigans. this is one tip you should learn on wearing prints:

when you’re young and cannot be construed to look older than 30, you should by all means wear clothes with prints or designs that are old-fashioned or stuffy. the contrast between the oldfashioned print or cuts of the clothing or accessories is a great juxtaposition to your age. why do you think vintage was or is all the rage. however not everyone does vintage or finds vintage (in good condition) as easily as sienna miller or kate moss, so an oldfashioned cut or print will do.

this is also a perfect example of how not to fall prey to the Chinese New Year disaster dressing : i.e, the overly red, the overly flowery, the overly new or ‘outfit’ ish clothes where everything seems too contrived, too put together and most times, put together in bad taste. you want to do something cheerful and spring, then anchor it with somethign sombre. and whoever said you’ve got to have new clothes for the new year? it doesnt make economic sense, and by now you should know CSL is all about being ecomonical. and this translates to uneccessary additions to your wardrobe!

this might be mean, but you can see what NOT to do on CNY. or any other day of the year:

no. of things wrong with this outfit:

– her black colour bra shows through her white top. it would have been sexy if not for the fact that the top was really thin and her bra looked really old.

– her skirt was SO SHORT, which would have been AGAIN, really sexy if not for her underwear, which i caught several glimpses of (and i WAS NOT trying hard) was a dirty cream or yellow…i would have preferred a g string, or something pure crisp white!

– it’s a micro mini BUBBLE SKIRT, in CHEAPlooking black cotton

however, personal tastes aside, this is one look you DONT want to do, no matter how fabulous a figure you have. firstly, girls, you are NOT a whore. you DONT want to look cheap and if you want to do full blown sex god. at least CHOSE THE RIGHT KIND OF UNDERWEAR TO REVEAL. i mean if you wanna ‘slutify’ a look, dont start and stop short, go the extra mile to make sure your underwear (bra and panties) drip sex appeal. remember the ‘inner wear as outer wear’ trend? if you wanna work that look, SPEND SOME MONEY ON LINGERIE.

then again, call me conservative if you will, but revealing your bra, ‘innocent slips’ or flirty peeks of your frilled cups oonce in a while can be quite alluring, but i draw the line at skirts so short your underwear shows. to me, if you wanna wear a skirt, make sure it serves a purpose, if not, just wear your underwear out!

and a first look at the cherrystainlips man:









– red tshirt & red sneakers both from DC

 a good way of doing red for valentine’s day and chinese new year..i will be blogging more on clothes for men as well..


What to Wear When You’re Feeling Cheap!











– white singlet top SGD 10, gray button down sweater top SGD15, black & white natural snake print skirt SGD15 – all cotton on!

ps: cotton on should so make me their spokesperson. i feature cottonon and buy cottonon in bulk it’s not even funny.

– wrap around espadrille sandals – thetuicollection by tui sang

i love the navy sandals, you can find plenty of these in BALI, but honestly, tui’s espadrilles are handmade, lined with soft skins and they are absolutely super duper comfy. i LOVE. plus whoever said such sandals are not suitable for people with fat legs be proven wrong!!!!!!!!!!










leather ring with honey amber stone ringed with freshwater pearls

– silver mesh ring (below leather) – tiffany’s

as you know i never remove my base rings of 3 on one hand (left) and 1 on the right (the tiff’s). i have found that keeping your band hold helps hold up chunky rings and keeps them from sliding too much..otherwise it also satisfies another of my fave accessorising style – stacking. pile things that are slim or plain alone and you will find comfort and style in numbers.

so the lessons you take home with you today:

1. if you want to rock a look, do it all the way, it’s all about attention to details

2. when dressing for CNY, dont be too stressed, go with the flow

3. when wearing basics, rock your look by accessorising, and sometimes a statement piece doesnt have be an expensive dress or necklace or ring or shoes, all you need is a conversation piece

in any case, if you have any doubts, just drop me a comment or text (: and will be be here to your rescue.

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  1. not forgetting to mention the black G-Star RAW jeans…


    February 17, 2010 at 5:57 pm

  2. loooking good~


    February 19, 2010 at 3:23 pm

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