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you say CHERRY STYLE fedoras

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Now you know how they say style is not what you find in magazines, it’s inspiration, from the streets, from people, from architecture, from anything under the sun and beyond. CHERRY thinks this is perhaps why so much effort is gone into emulating that “OFF-duty model” look. A reason why models have such style, the fact that they have beautiful faces and are clotheshorses aside, they are constantly, in their line of work, exposed to style and fashion everywhere. They breathe, live, eat, smoke and more often than not, talk fashion! This is why they are such naturales  when it comes to their own off-duty dressing.

And so, cherry gives you these WONDERFUL pictures, from MOD.E. SAY, it’s really FEDORA TIME!


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March 31, 2010 at 9:24 am


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ALDO, new campaign featuring Jessica Stam and Boyd Holbrook.

Shhe’s not my favourite kind of role model (no pun intended) being just a tad too skinny. However, this is shot beautifully, which brings out the youthful and ever fresh ALDO looks. The genius behind these marc-jacobs-esque bright colour quirky fun : Terry Richardson, who’s really more known for his raunchy pictures.

CHERRY loves the top knots hairdos and preppy looks! Attempt to recreate something more corporate-work friendly sometime!


pop your cherries : sexy theme.

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‘ once in a while, you need to feel sexed up. looking sexy is about feeling sexy, and feeling sexy is about being comfortable in your own skin……or clothes for that matter.’


                                                                   xoxo, cherrystainlips.



BCBG's sheer purple bandage dress for Spring 2010.


Black BCBG asymmetrical dress with sheer bodice for Spring 2010.

and denim with mesh inserts!


Claudia Schiffer Tank Magazine Pictures


1-lady gaga jitrois




 this was a mammoth undertaking. apparently, it’s not as easy as you think finding pictures to represent what CHERRY’s TIPS’s a promise, will be back to cherrySTYLE, my own photos soon, pretty soon!



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Those lucky Londoners! The Oxford Circus branch of Topman in London is launching “Fashion Fridays” today. It is a shopping event that will take place every last Friday of the month, between 7-9pm.

Set in the relaxing environment that is the flagship store’s “Stylist Lounge”, it is a  perfect spot for guys seeking new attire free from the hustle and bustle of a weekend crowd. A team of Topman stylists will be on hand to dispense their savvy style advice and tips on how to sport the latest looks, while an in-house DJ provides the soundtrack as complimentary beers are handed out.

More perks include freebies such as goody bags, haircuts and wet shaves care of Sharps Barber Shop, and 20 per cent off Topman stocked brands. Best of all, the service is absolutely free, with booking optional!

We are jealous. When will Singapore’s Topman have its own “Fashion Fridays” for the guys? –

Don’t know about you dolls, but it’s a major coincidence that at Cherrystainlips, we’re launching FASHION FRIDAYS today! 


  Fashion Fridays at Cherry’s will be all about the best clubbing style, tips and recommendations to guarantee you a flipping good night out, in absolute comfort and oodles of fun! Am currently working on FASHION FRIDAY’s goodies for anyone who reads *CHERRYSTAINLIPS*, which will include free giveaways of accessories and clothes and plenty of goodies. Let’s get Fashion Friday started and spread the word!!


Make Fridays your fashion pleasure of the week, CHERRY STYLE..


All you need to do, is just to write the best FRIDAY slogan for the picture collages below..Remember you just need to incoporate the words CHERRYSTAINLIPS and FRIDAY! (:



How to win:

email with your entry (one only, not entries), not more than 20 words please, by next Thursday the 1st of April…winner will be notified via email and your winning slogan pasted on the next FASHFriday’s post (:


Hope you have fun thinking it up as I have fun giving things away. And a tip: DAWN.



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I have been thinking for the longest time now, why CHERRYSTAINLIPS? How did this alias of mine find me? Or do I just have a fascination for the colour red? During biweekly mani pedi sessions, I drive my manipedi mate crazy with my almost standard, boring colour choices: Neutrals and REDS..

I have only ONE maroon dress, no red lipsticks ( i dont wear lipcolours) and probably 1 dark pick lipgloss…Maybe it’s time CHERRY epitomises the cherrystainlips look, go nude and FIRE ENGINE SCARLET red lipped..





And some red in my outfit:


And more I see red, the more I see how RED is something I can wear on a daily basis! CAUSE I LOVE FRENCH BRAIDING FRINGES:

So what do you think? SUSURUS, you’d love this.

cherry crush: LV multicolore monogram with studs

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Now, white or black? If you know me personally, you know I have the weirdest tastes in the whole wide world. Sometimes, I like the ugliest things too.

The LV Multicolore Monogram Courtney is probably one bag where the divide between likes and dislikes, fans and haters, is one straight clear-cut line. You either love it or hate it; there’s no middle ground. So Cherry LVOEs it. Last year while picking out my christmas present at the newly minted ION LV, I had to place it, rather reluctantly, back on the counter for something that was less outlandish. The reason: its relatively hefty price tag of SGD3,600 (I don’t remember exactly, so don’t quote me!) Thinking back, I should have just listened to the very supportive boyfriend and went ahead with my choice instead, but hey, my boy works hard and I do find it more difficult to spend his money than mine…so that was it: my Palermo went home with me.

A bit more information on the Courtney:

Named after ‘the most controversial woman in the history of rock’ according to Rolling Stone, Courtney Love, this new Multicolore bag is true to the spirit of Courtney’s colorful life with a touch of rock attitude.

The Courtney is crafted from the brilliantly scintillating Monogram Multicolore canvas and features 2 natural cowhide leather bands covered with large golden brass studs. Who would have thought that the feminine Multicolore would look rock chic? The bag also has an adjustable and removable leather strap if you feel like carrying it on your shoulder. Courtney has a large opening with a double zip, and inside there’s a flat pocket and a phone pocket.

Multicolore Courtney comes in two sizes, MM (15.3″ x 10.6″ x 9″) and GM (16.7″ x 11″ x 10″) and comes in two colors, Black and White. Courtney is available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$2430 and US$2800 for MM and GM respectively.

Rock chic? I dont know why studs always scream that, but anyways, I have one hard and fast rule when it comes to buying bags: when a bag screams your name like this screams mine, there’s only one thing left to do : BUY IT.

So, white or black?

Cherry meets Zac Posen at Target

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You know how you always see wonderful geometric shapes and colours and prints on delightful structural tailored mini dresses on celebrities and wonder: where do they find such fantastical prints? The answer is Zac Posen, with his emphasis on pop culture and bright colours. He is also the latest in-line armed with a diffusive collaboration line with…who else? TARGET of course. This is his design initiative,

“Lesbian proms have been such a big thing in the news lately,” Posen says. “Rather than create a fake subculture, I wanted to address things that are actually happening. It’s a kick-ass girl who can wear a tuxedo to prom! Don’t be afraid of drama,” he adds. “Prom is one of the few opportunities in life when you can fulfill any romantic desires you have.”

And while he might have designed lesbian prom outfits for this line, CHERRY doesn’t care as long as you know, the clothes are wearable and adds to CHERRY STYLE.

Alright enough words, you cherry-pickers out there should see for yourselves…



CHERRY picks:

Definitely wearable, no? The versatility of the clothes: alot of the ruffles and skirts can be removed to reveal a super cool one piece swimsuit! These seperates can also be worn with wide-legged trousers and a blazer for work. There are just so many things to play with here, to mix and match that makes CHERRY believe the collection with Target will be a successful sold-out affair. Better still, all outfits are below USD100. Beat that, Kate Moss for Topshop.

To shop ZAC POSEN FOR TARGET, you’ve just got to wait till 25th April. Just to get youstarted though, familiarise your fingers with TARGET’s website