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how do accessories complement oufits? here are many examples of how i work my accessories into outfits.










half open pointed booties – SGD30 from korean shop at fareast

lycra cotton blend cowl neck jumpsuit – SGD28  SALE and i have ASOS discount code, so email me if you wanna knoww

chain link with interwoven belt – GG5!~!@!











how to survive impusle buys!

– tip 1: figure out how to wear them before you wear them have a general idea and do it the next day!

– tip 2: throw caution to the winds and when in doubt choose black.

I have been eyeing jumpsuits as i really like the convenice and elegance when you get a piece right. alas, the pieces i’ve seen at all the high street places are too trashy and loud for my taste. i can only do elegant looks for jumpsuits, nothing else would make the mark.

the problems of getting a jumpsuit also lies in the crotch area. most times, you find the waistline being cut at an unflattering height, i.e. ending too low down your waist or too high up resulting in you looking like your pants were too high so i recommend finding one with the best crotch area tailoring. found mine on ASOS as usual..might be due to the abundance of european sizes there. it came with a cheap looking tie at the waist which i got rid of and replaced with a wrap skinny belt because i felt it (the tie) made me look fat. another tip: if you’re doing WIDE LEGGED pants, PLEASE wear heels. never mind that your heels might be hidden under all that cloth. WEAR HEELS. it will elongate your look and create a slimmer illusion…..thus i have combined two trends in one outfit: WIDE LEGs and JUMPSUITs. it also helps that the trousers dont end at your ankles.













shoes – same as above

a line skirt from bangkok chatuchak – bought like 6 years ago for SGD10 bucks

gray cottonon top SGD20 for 2

cream cardigan – brandless at OUB Centre

gray double wrap belt – brave belts

tip here: take a piece of clothing that’s rarely worn over the years and do something exciting with it

in this case, the A line skirt was bought wayyy back when cherry was younger and didnt have any sense of fashion. if i recall correctly i bought it during a trip to bangkok ( a virgin trip) with my parents!! gasp! i must have been fifteen! the reason why this wasnt thrown out with my old clothes, is this: I NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY!

while this may be a really bad habit for those who advocate a clutter-free environment, i am of the opinion that when you play dress-up ( how i refer to the times in the mornings when i’m scrambling to put together something to wear) it’s better to have more choices, then less! if you look at it very simply, it’s purely mathematical and logistical.

mathematical – the more choices in your selection pool, the more perms and combs you’re gonna come up with

logistical – if you pack and tidy and put clothes where you found them, clutter is not going to be a problem

this way you can reinvent your wardrobe anytime you feel like it, by just dragging out something from the bottom of your closet and wearing it with a new blouse or that new pair of skinnies, or a dress with a recently procured sharp-looking blazer. by doing this on a regular basis, your colleagues ( or friends) will start going: did you buy something new again?! to which i always respond: ‘i have worn this before!!!!’ to no avail….so they always think i never wear my clothes more than twice.









ribbon silver swarovski studded ring – quintessential!!!!

as interview-worthy is generally a tad too conservative for my usually outlandish tastes, i gave in to my inner magpie and slipped on the ribbon ring last minute as i was whizing out of the room. i feel that it’s always good to have all your rings laid out on a tray. if you have easy access to them, you tend to wear them more. how many times have i heard these complaints: ‘ i just keep buying these rings, but i never wear them!!’ to which i always say: ‘ i have more than 100 and i’m freaking lazzyy!!! if i can do it, so can you’…the major pull factor is accessibility. i like sliding open my muji drawer thing to see all my shiny babies lying there gleaming at me, so obviously, i am always tempted to slip one on.

this has actually become a habit. i need to slide open the tray of rings everytime after i’m done dressing to go out.

Accessorising when you’re all about prints!











printed dress bought last year SGD 49- unknown basement shop at oub centre












gunmetal elastic rhinestone tennis bracelet SGD29

swarovski studded bangle – cool find somewhere i dont remember

jade worn all the time

when your print is as swirly and messy as the purple/blue/ swirly patches of colours dress you see above, it’s best to keep it simple and elegant. i like throwingin a colour block cardi over a printed dress most times because i always feel a dress on its own is somehow incomplete. i also have a penchant for symmetry in accessorising. however, like all the hapharzard mishmash in my life, symmetry in accessorising is only half its meaning in my dictionary. using the jade as my middle piece, i have 2 sparkly crystalliszed bangle/bracelet hugging it. if i could describe what is it that told me this would look good together, but it’s more of a mix and match thing, trial and error. and with everything in life, practice makes perfect, the more you throw unlikely things together, the more you get a sense of what would go and what screams no.

which leads me to the next example:










silver bullets on elastic band – avant garde jewelry

woven weather wrap (brown) with silver & python skin bangle- carrie k jewelry

expandable bangle with recycled metals (1 worn only, out of a set of 6)- Alex and ani










new york lightning print dress- SGD28 asos!!

gray suede slingbacks – SGD 49.90 zara sale!!!!!

usually you’d think: what a messy dress! there’s so much to see everything is working on that dress, how do i even wear it with anything else? faced with such a problem you’d either go with no accessories but earrings, or pair it with a long gold necklace. both of which would look good, but a tad too predictable and messy, no?

in a situation like that, stick to mute colours in your accessories, nothing too shiny it might end up looking trashy(my biggest fear), nothing too colourful or it would be too much. the answer to the above: STACKING. i just piled on some favourite bangles and bracelets that are quite hippie when thrown together: i.e. a woven leather wrap bracelet that is soft and buttery but also tough looking to go with that horribly messy dress. in fact, this stacked messy look applies to everything you could wear. it would subtly rock a jeans and tee outfit, or be hopelessly boho chic with a long maxi dress.

buy stuff that’s relevant, even at 1 year later!












balloon top bubble chiffon dress – SGD 39.90 bysi!!!!

black opaque denier leggings – topshop SGD 14.00

midnight black gray patent pointed toes with silver chrome heels SGD15 – novo

the dress was bought way back last year, the tights only recently and the shoes, more than one year ago. bought then at novo fro great world when i met joy there for lunch. left it in her car and never got around to collecting it until 1 plus years later! it’s like receiving shoes for a present, only i bought it myself, albeit a long time ago.

the shoes were on massive sale; i am not even sure novo is around anymore. but i do know that i built that whole outfit with wearing the shoes in mind. the relevance of the colour scheme to spring summer’s muted colour tones. the tights bringing back some of the winter conservative look i love. this is only the second time i am wearing the dress, and everyone’s saying, once again….

‘you went shopping again?! is that a new dress?! new shoes!? ‘

to which my answers were as always lost in disbelieving shakes of their heads.

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  1. oooh love the lightning dress..


    March 2, 2010 at 7:16 am

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