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i mean, what is the singular most important piece of accessory you will wear, for the rest of your life? it could possibly also be something you’d have the most sentimental value for, in the league of family heirlooms, or perhaps for me my never leave my side jade bangle.

your engagement and wedding rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unlike some of us, i intend to get married once in a lifetime and those rings, as much as i’d hate to measure love and commitment in worldly things (i can hear my best friends and sisters snorting at this line) i truly mean what i say when i am not too concerned about what kind of ring my future husband proposes with. as long as

1. i wouldnt mind wearing it for the rest of my life
2. enough love and effort has gone into customising something entirely unique, totally mine, i really hate being just a face in the crowd.
3. like i mentioned, price, carat, metal, are important, but design and individuality comes first.

this is pretty much my general philosophy when it comes to making decisions. which leads me to this epiphany! the lessons you learn at cherrystainlips for fashion is also applicable to real life…always return love with love, and always remember who you are, what you stand for. never be afraid to stand up for something you believe in and always always be game to try something new.

oh my, what do you know, CSL teaches you about life!

on a whimsical note, i have decided what i would like my engagement ring to be like:

i love this, with the filigree and the old circa 1900s designs. this is vintage and i must recreate this! i love love this.

this has hidden elements which i seriously adore. it’s all in the details baby.

if you cant already tell what’s the unqiue feature of these 2 rings, you’re lost! but fear not i will be to your rescue. i adore the sleekness and minimalistic designs. not crazy enough a design for me, but surely i would say a resoundig yes to.

imagine this set with a 1 carat diamond and you get what i love. abit over the top, but then again, i am like that haha.

this is the one i am drooling over. a tad too fussy i know, but it’s something i will wear and look at for the rest of my life. 

the only problem is, platimum and white gold settings are really not my thing. i want everything to be set in 24k yellow gold, accented with platinum here and there (filigree portions).

that being said, the above are my ideas for an ideal customised engagement ring and wedding band. please have the courtesy to refrain from adopting them designs. while imitation is the best form flattery, i’d rather do with neither when it comes to this…hahhahhaha.

seriously! i mean it. dont copy.

Written by MLK

March 2, 2010 at 10:10 am

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