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nail polish are the best accessories ; kim kardashian

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over at cherry, the perfect woman has curves, is an armful (but not obese) and is as creamy as whipped cream. right now, i’m thinking of emulating kim kardashian’s beautiful body. while some may call her fat and ‘meaty’ (i know, an obscene word) but she is really, one beautiful woman.

the face:



the body:


well, the thing about having a body like kim’s is that i get the feeling all it takes is for one meal to push her into being plain fat. which is why sometimes she just looks HUGE. but i love how when slimmer she’s absolutely delish. i can keep on gushing but you’d start thinking i was crazy so i let the pictures do the talking.


i’ve always hated myself in jeans cause i thought you need skinny pins to rock skinnies. i guess it’s time for a change of mind. healthy body image girls, that’s the first step to looking good and feeling good.

Written by MLK

March 6, 2010 at 4:53 am

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