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What’s the essence of having great style? To be fashion forward perhaps. Cherry defines style as a whole cohesive look and this goes right down to the styling picks like shoes, accessories, your makeup, hair etc. When you want to do red-carpet that is. Everyday style embodies itself in casual elegance you’d think. Kristen Stewart has individuality in her everyday style, and it translates to her insistence on picking her own red-carpet looks.

While admiration for Kristen Stewart for her gutsy picks and daring to stand out in crowds only goes so far, I cannot help but wonder whether it’s just personal tastes that has me biting my lips in frustration at this look. What is wrong with the hair?! I get the whole sex-appeal slicked back hairdo, but this can only be HAIR DONT! If you want clean slicked back italian parisian raw sexuality, why not go for a high ponytail instead. With this style she just looks like she had a major blowdyer malfuction. Also, the SHOES. You would think a fashion-forward pick for a dress would result in a equally fashion-forward styling pick for her shoes. Apparently not, the shoes are just too STUFFY for the outfit.

A number of better choices:

Cherry reccommends a soft hairdo with this, curls framing the face. She has sharp features which will be softened to luminosity with her dark brown curls.

or these

 It was really pure coincidence that I’ve picked almost all louboutins, though i must confess i love them. However, gone are the days of skyhigh heels in delicious shades and designs when you have a collapsing arch. Boohoo.

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