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Cherry meets Zac Posen at Target

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You know how you always see wonderful geometric shapes and colours and prints on delightful structural tailored mini dresses on celebrities and wonder: where do they find such fantastical prints? The answer is Zac Posen, with his emphasis on pop culture and bright colours. He is also the latest in-line armed with a diffusive collaboration line with…who else? TARGET of course. This is his design initiative,

“Lesbian proms have been such a big thing in the news lately,” Posen says. “Rather than create a fake subculture, I wanted to address things that are actually happening. It’s a kick-ass girl who can wear a tuxedo to prom! Don’t be afraid of drama,” he adds. “Prom is one of the few opportunities in life when you can fulfill any romantic desires you have.”

And while he might have designed lesbian prom outfits for this line, CHERRY doesn’t care as long as you know, the clothes are wearable and adds to CHERRY STYLE.

Alright enough words, you cherry-pickers out there should see for yourselves…



CHERRY picks:

Definitely wearable, no? The versatility of the clothes: alot of the ruffles and skirts can be removed to reveal a super cool one piece swimsuit! These seperates can also be worn with wide-legged trousers and a blazer for work. There are just so many things to play with here, to mix and match that makes CHERRY believe the collection with Target will be a successful sold-out affair. Better still, all outfits are below USD100. Beat that, Kate Moss for Topshop.

To shop ZAC POSEN FOR TARGET, you’ve just got to wait till 25th April. Just to get youstarted though, familiarise your fingers with TARGET’s website

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