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KOREAN Streetstyle, KPOP, KFashion = KSTYLE

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Last 2009 December, Cherry took a trip to Seoul, to see what the fuss was about: Korean fashion and style. One thing that really stood out (though it was winter) on the streets was that girls and boys alike have a great sense of style. There is also a distinctive flavour to street dressing that is worth being captured here for your attention. The use of colours and prints for one, was something really refreshing and girls over there, love their heels. Nevermind slippery ice patches or the insane amount of walking you’ve got to do in their underground subway maze! And considering the sub zero temperatures, these people really don’t wear enough, so Cherry’s thinking, how do they build that ironman resistance to cold?!


Cherry’s take – fiction. While all the KPOP superstars look almost too perfect to be true, people on the streets, while a good mix of good-looking, are more stylish than anything else. So don’t be mythed. Still, CHERRY LOVES SEOUL FASHION.



And to satisfy those innate KPOP/KCeleb needs :
Han Chae Yong in Allure
Tae Yong in GQ Korea
Im Soo Jung for Marie Claire Korea
Lee Hana for Vogue
And to show you some of CHERRY’s faves:
KIM HYUN JOONG for Basic House

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