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The weather has been really hot recently, after seeing plenty of rain. Do you know in Hongkong, it’s still cold at this time (now) when spring/summer would have otherwise already arrived in previous years? Global warming is really a concern and we really need to do something about it.

As a voracious reader, CHERRY has came across an article recently about how the consumption of meat is one of the major contributing sources of greenhouse gases. In fact, the amount of greenhouse gases arising from the entire livestock industry (from rearing, harvesting, processing, transporting etc.) is more than all the amount of greenhouse gases arising from the transportation industry! Such is the magnititude of the comsumption of meat on Earth right now – quite disgusting, no? All this when consuming too much meat is not good for your health too. Personally, I have banned myself from KFC chicken for the cruelty to animals and am now really glad I did – think of all the greenhouse gases emitted from the transportation of the chickens, killing of chickens etc. Currently, chicken and fish are about the only meats I consume most. Occasionally I have my bah chor mee and duck confit, anything else is a no-go. I plan to cut out the types of meats I consume as a slow and sure way to control my personal meat consumption. 

What I am trying to say is if everyone just could cut out one type of meat (preferably red meats because without which you would still survive and that it doesn’t do anything fantastic to your health) we could reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by decreasing meat consumption demand.

It is more than an environmental issue, or just a health issue. I think it’s time we all stood together to take a united stand on something this important to our present, our future and our very existence. I mean, if we can’t even stand together on the same page to do something that can only be all good for us, then what hope is there left for humanity?

Oh well, let’s just see what we could do with another ice age.

untitled by lenaah. 

untitled by lenaah.

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