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I have an obsession with pants. This obession is mainly how I am consumed with a need to find the best fitted pants ever, to my body shape that is. It is always so easy to find a dress, or skirt, or better yet, long skirt that is figure-forgiving and hides all your flaws. But I think I am speaking for all the women out there, that we wish we could find a pair of pants that well, skims the curves and hides all the flaws there is to hide – saddlebags, muffin tops – the names are many and nasty too.

Also, is it true that certain pant cuts are suited to certain body types? like how high wasited pants never look good on people with fat thighs? Or how cigarette pants are only for cigarette-slim pins? AH. The questions and answers are ridiculously hard to come by without any empirical evidence! This will hence be my next pet project, busy schedule aside, to try out different pants. And then prove everyone (everyone who has been telling me about the right cut for the right person when i insist it’s the right fit) that it’s the right FIT, not the RIGHT CUT – and everyone can wear pants of any cut!

First up:

The high-waisted wide-legged straight

The high waisted super wide leg flared

The low waisted wide legged flare

The harem pants, or pantoloons (is that how you spell it?)

I really like harem pants. ALOT. I like pale pink. I also really really like shiny sateen. Put them all together and you know i am dying to get a pair of these.


The highwaisted skinny pants hybrid

The cigarette! and Ms. Audrey Hepburn herself


And alot of recent additions: Jeggings = jeans + leggings



Written by MLK

April 22, 2010 at 9:15 am

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