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current fashcrave – lanvin

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Lanvin gold chain link braided heels 
Lanvin skin coloured bag with metal chain links
Lanvin nude drape dress 2010
Lanvin Grosgrain belt Spring 2010
Lanvin embellished long earrings Spring 2010
 Lanvin Pearl cuff
I am lusting after these items from Lanvin 2010 collection. This would make the perfect event-attending outfit. For the longest time now I never agreed with the fash-forwards’ obsession with Lanvin. But comes spring 2010 and Lanvin kept throwing all these delectables under my nose, I couldn’t help but slide over to the dark side. Now on this side, I am simul-writhing in thrall whilst planning head-to-toe Lanvin outfits and calculating what to buy with that next paycheck.
Just the other day I was at OnPedder in Singapore and I picked out a pair of Lanvin braided raffia gold strappy heels. To. Die. For. Only to realise it was sold out in my size!!! Have trawled internet sites looking for those shoes to no avail. If you could remote access my brain would you call up that picture of those shoes and buy them for me!
Heart Lanvin.

my latest acquisition

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I succumbed and finally got my very f irst Herve Leger. Coming from someone who eschews wearing skintight clothing, I am now ridiculously in love with my dress. Not to mention it’s the most expensive dress I’ve ever bought in my life. Price tags aside, I am even thinking about my next one. I haven’t even worn my first one out yet!

However, I think my obsession with Herve is just plainly an obssession with Herve. I never knew i could look good in anything tight, but Herve did that for me, and now I am eternally grateful. If being a devout follower (and consumer) of herve dresses means bankrupting myself. I suppose I might as well. I will be buried in my Herve dress and rocking on in my afterlife.

Next on the acquisition list:


OKAY! I admit it, this IS the resort 2010 lookbook. Does it shock you I want every single one of them dresses? I want them all and will rob some piggybanks for cash so any jobs out there? count me in.

net-a-porter fashion for relief drive

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net-a-porter may just have hit upon the best way to lure us cherry-pickers into the woods of beautiful clothes! They have started a shopping section called fashion for relief, where proceeds actually go to helping the survivors of Haiti. It’s sure nice to spend loads of money in the name of relief and indulge in a little guilt-free shopping!

here are the cherrypicks!

 Fashion for Relief Lanvin shift dress 

Lanvin shift dress

Fashion for Relief Temperley London silk dress 

Temperly London Silk Dress £319

Fashion for Relief Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses

Linda Farrow Luxe Sunglasses  £146

Fashion for Relief Roger Viver Biriba sandals 

Roger Vivier Biriba Sandals £501

Fashion for Relief Christian Louboutin Lima sandals  

Christian Louboutin Lima sandals £273

Fashion for Relief Preen asymmetric dress 

Preen asymmetric dress £250

Fashion for Relief Viktor & Rolf silk shrug 

Viktor & Rolf silk shrug £137

Most of the items in the 100 pounds range are sold out, so expect to find only expensive items left…a case of fastest fingers win the day(:

faux pas?

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frock – Doo.Ri

What’s the essence of having great style? To be fashion forward perhaps. Cherry defines style as a whole cohesive look and this goes right down to the styling picks like shoes, accessories, your makeup, hair etc. When you want to do red-carpet that is. Everyday style embodies itself in casual elegance you’d think. Kristen Stewart has individuality in her everyday style, and it translates to her insistence on picking her own red-carpet looks.

While admiration for Kristen Stewart for her gutsy picks and daring to stand out in crowds only goes so far, I cannot help but wonder whether it’s just personal tastes that has me biting my lips in frustration at this look. What is wrong with the hair?! I get the whole sex-appeal slicked back hairdo, but this can only be HAIR DONT! If you want clean slicked back italian parisian raw sexuality, why not go for a high ponytail instead. With this style she just looks like she had a major blowdyer malfuction. Also, the SHOES. You would think a fashion-forward pick for a dress would result in a equally fashion-forward styling pick for her shoes. Apparently not, the shoes are just too STUFFY for the outfit.

A number of better choices:

Cherry reccommends a soft hairdo with this, curls framing the face. She has sharp features which will be softened to luminosity with her dark brown curls.

or these

 It was really pure coincidence that I’ve picked almost all louboutins, though i must confess i love them. However, gone are the days of skyhigh heels in delicious shades and designs when you have a collapsing arch. Boohoo.


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LBDs are always in, but what’s more in than the Little Black Dress? WHITE. yes, i know enough literature has been exposited on how white is the new black, but most times, people who wear white end up looking like one of the following:

– a bride

– a bridesmaid

– tooo washed out

– weird

so i’m gonna show you a few picks on white dresses i love, and what to look out for when you’re buying your new LWD

look for layering. avoid materials that are satin, or sateen, too many bridzillas in those materials, so probably try something else. this dress below is of crinkled chiffon and that texture adds to making the dress less formal.

 Spring/summer 2010 trend report

the MINI WHITE DRESS with sharp tailoring. when you have sharp edges tailored into a mini dress, you call to mind the crisp white shirt. there is no way you can wear a crisp white shirt for your wedding can you?

mix different tones of white. if you’re thinking, how is that possible! white is white…fret not, there’s off-white, no? Pringle of Scotland, Gucci, Fendi, Osman, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent all began their runway shows with all-white ensembles. you can see how the different tones play out against one another here. throw a duller white cardigan against a shiny white dress to avoid blinding everybody’s eyes!
Deconstructed White: Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Jil Sander, Meadham Kirchhoff, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent, what do they all have in common?
decontructed tops, skirts and dresses. better still, when it’s in white. decontruction dont really show in black fabrics and deconstruction works best when used in solid colours. that being said, what better way to look smart and dishevelled all at once? see below.
so now that you have a few ways you could spruce up that little white dress of yours without looking like you’re getting married that instance, or re-wearing that wedding stuff, arent you inspired to go out right now to get your little white dress fix? i sure am.