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we’re cooler than urban!

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So remember a long while back we featured out GREEN IS THE NEW PURPLE? Seems like we’re validated in a recent issue of URBAN, in which the title article Green is the new black was released only just (below). How fashion forward can Cherry be? Very!

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April 6, 2011 at 10:00 am


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Did you see the latest Prada campagin? Shot by Steven Meisel featuring young who’s who models like Arizona Muse, and yes that’s a name.

This collection may have hit all of this season’s trends spot on –

1. bright bold colours, check!

2. hello 70s vibe, check!

3. kookoo shaped/ colour accessories, check!

4. prints on prints, check!

but what was Miuccia Prada thinking? I am sure the rest of Prada clothing fanatics will agree with me when i say that prada has been a perennial cult favourite because it epitomises sleek sophistication, for how the clothes were always subtly opulent. look at the past seasons, spring/summer 2008 etheral qualities


or by far my favourites, spring summer 2010’s lolita meets deconstructed silk shifts and spring summer 2009 with the delish faux fabric snakeprint and leather crumpled ribbons and fabrics.

It is very hard to comprehend how the very same person/brand that gave us clothes and accessories with that carefully careless EN DESHABILLE quality would conceive of the following spring summer 2011 lookbook.

the ad campaign was almost painful to look at. i remember my shock flipping through pages of my glossy vogue and haper’s bazaar to see the ghastly display of colours and furs glaring back at me from the minimalist PRADA in the background. i could cry! How Miuccia Prada could think that plastering all of this season’s trends (loud bright colours, prints on prints, bright bold loud accessories STRIPED FURS) all in one outfit is ‘fashion’ is truly beyond me.

If you break the outfits down, you could actually see some worthy elements could maybe be fashion inspiration. the striped dyed fur stoles for instance, would have looked spectacular against a colour blocked outfit. The checkered chunky heeled shoes would have been ultra chic when worn with a muted coloured shift dress. even the banana print blouses would have rocked with jewelled toned cigarette pants and flats. on some levels, i could identify with her vision when creating this collection, even applaud her many references to fashion inspirations like josephine baker’s 20s 30s follies, but still, the genius of this spring summer prada look was lost on me.

i guess the real reason for my instant rejection of the colours and the flamboyance was deeply rooted in my love of prada. i have loved prada for the delicate balance of decadence and subtle flamboyance. the feeling that in the deceptive simplicity of the clothes and bags was a restrained exhibitionist streak, circa 2009 boxy crumpled blazers and knee length skirt suit paired with lingerie crumpled bra tops.

for the last few collections i had pored over every picture, eyes drinking in the ingenious design and colours, laughing when i realised this or that detail i’d not noticed before. this collection left none of fun for me to discover, it was all there in the magazine pages, glaring in my face. i couldnt wait to turn the page.

give us Prada back. I cant wait for spring summer 2011 to be over.



Prada Spring Summer 2011 collection

Prada Spring 2011 collection

Prada Summer 2011 collection

Prada SS 2011

Prada SS 2011 collection

my latest acquisition

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I succumbed and finally got my very f irst Herve Leger. Coming from someone who eschews wearing skintight clothing, I am now ridiculously in love with my dress. Not to mention it’s the most expensive dress I’ve ever bought in my life. Price tags aside, I am even thinking about my next one. I haven’t even worn my first one out yet!

However, I think my obsession with Herve is just plainly an obssession with Herve. I never knew i could look good in anything tight, but Herve did that for me, and now I am eternally grateful. If being a devout follower (and consumer) of herve dresses means bankrupting myself. I suppose I might as well. I will be buried in my Herve dress and rocking on in my afterlife.

Next on the acquisition list:


OKAY! I admit it, this IS the resort 2010 lookbook. Does it shock you I want every single one of them dresses? I want them all and will rob some piggybanks for cash so any jobs out there? count me in.

pop your cherries : sexy theme.

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‘ once in a while, you need to feel sexed up. looking sexy is about feeling sexy, and feeling sexy is about being comfortable in your own skin……or clothes for that matter.’


                                                                   xoxo, cherrystainlips.



BCBG's sheer purple bandage dress for Spring 2010.


Black BCBG asymmetrical dress with sheer bodice for Spring 2010.

and denim with mesh inserts!


Claudia Schiffer Tank Magazine Pictures


1-lady gaga jitrois




 this was a mammoth undertaking. apparently, it’s not as easy as you think finding pictures to represent what CHERRY’s TIPS’s a promise, will be back to cherrySTYLE, my own photos soon, pretty soon!


cherry loves nude.

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I have a thing for nudity. It might be due to the fact that it is something I confess I cannot wear. Anyways, this fascination extends itself to all different shades and tones of nudes, beiges, creams, off-whites and alas, now i’ve come to love the very palest kind of pink.



It’s easy to see that pale pink and nudes are hot colours on the red carpet. Whilst the creamy complexions and red hot lipsticks of these many celebrities look fabulous with this colour palette, i have only one all-time favourite, DREW BARRYMORE! she does pale colours to perfection.




 Well, alright, you’ve got me, I do have the biggest celeb crush on drew barrymore. Wouldnt you agree?

faux pas?

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frock – Doo.Ri

What’s the essence of having great style? To be fashion forward perhaps. Cherry defines style as a whole cohesive look and this goes right down to the styling picks like shoes, accessories, your makeup, hair etc. When you want to do red-carpet that is. Everyday style embodies itself in casual elegance you’d think. Kristen Stewart has individuality in her everyday style, and it translates to her insistence on picking her own red-carpet looks.

While admiration for Kristen Stewart for her gutsy picks and daring to stand out in crowds only goes so far, I cannot help but wonder whether it’s just personal tastes that has me biting my lips in frustration at this look. What is wrong with the hair?! I get the whole sex-appeal slicked back hairdo, but this can only be HAIR DONT! If you want clean slicked back italian parisian raw sexuality, why not go for a high ponytail instead. With this style she just looks like she had a major blowdyer malfuction. Also, the SHOES. You would think a fashion-forward pick for a dress would result in a equally fashion-forward styling pick for her shoes. Apparently not, the shoes are just too STUFFY for the outfit.

A number of better choices:

Cherry reccommends a soft hairdo with this, curls framing the face. She has sharp features which will be softened to luminosity with her dark brown curls.

or these

 It was really pure coincidence that I’ve picked almost all louboutins, though i must confess i love them. However, gone are the days of skyhigh heels in delicious shades and designs when you have a collapsing arch. Boohoo.

school girl meets party frock?

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 Chloë Sevigny rocked Proenza Schouler’s leather-accented mesh blouse with a double-breasted cutaway blazer and bold, printed mini, hitting several trends of the moment, see throughs, Proenza….what do you think? cherry thinks this is a reallyyy weird get-up. the blouse is lost in the blazer, the mini looks squashed at the edges and the shoes are too strong for the outfit? what’s the stand-out piece here? accessories too just gets lost in the whol outfit, cherry reccommends an oversized slouchy clutch to the mix!

Written by MLK

March 16, 2010 at 5:21 am